The record of the riding motorcycles traveler from Changsha of Hunan travel throughout Yanling.

Knowledge Preheating:Motorcycle sport is very popular around the world. Motorcycle sport is a sport that  engages in training,competition and tourism by means of motorcycle.Motorcycle  has the characteristics of smal size,fast speed, strong maneuverability,good cross-country performance and simple opertion.Motorcycle sports can popularize basic knowledge of internal combustion engines and learn driving and maintenance techniques.Exercise the body and cultivate the good style of wit, courage and tenacity.Motorcycle sport has become a major sport in the world.

1、First encounter with the traveler

At the beginning of the August 2019,two special tourists from  Changsha came to Xianxia Residence by motorcycle.As soon as they stopped,the backpackers who stayed in XianXia Residence began to have a friendly conversation with the couples.  Everyone feels that it’s a bit far to ride from Changsa to Yanling.But the retired couples tell us:”it’s not far to Yanling.We’ve aslo been to Tibet,Xinjiang, Guangxi and other places by Motorcycle.Yanling is latest route”.The calm expression of the couples makes everyone laud.Today,Mr. Orchard will give you a detailed introduction of the Yanling Tourist Ring that the cyclists have traveled through.

2、Tourist Roadmap of Yangling county

The following picture is the roadmap of Yanling County tourism carefully designed and manufactured by Mr.Orchard to facilitate you to arrange your travel itinerary.

Tourist Roadmap of Yanging county

3、Team introduction of  the motorcycles sport 

According to the director of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Tan motorcycles sport Club-Wolf Riders Team,Wolf Riders Team is a non-profit organization composed of retired workers and motorcycle enthusiasts in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Tan. Teams love to explore the jungle, like to travel to the high altitudes, old forests, deserts, lakes, the birthplace of rivers and other areas.

Changsha-Zhuzhou-Tan motorcycles sport Club-Wolf Riders Team logo

4、Ready to go

Ready to go

5、First stop: Red Army Slogan Museum

Yanling Red Army Slogan Museum is the first Red Army Slogan Museum in China. It is a key cultural project approved by Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government and submitted to the Ministry of Publicity for the record. The project is divided into two parts: the first part is the main building of the museum, the second part is the cultural square, which covers an area of 14,000 square meters. Among them, the main body of the Museum covers an area of 1579 square meters, the total building area is 3892 square meters, and the total investment is more than 20 million yuan. It was completed and put into use at the end of May.

Red Army Slogan Museum

6、Second stop :Red star Bridge

Red star Bridge is located in the junction Of Yanglin county to Chenzhou city. It was built in March 1967 and completed in December.It was the largest single-hole-span bridge in Asia,the scond tallest bridge in Asia at that time.It is also the first double-curvature long-span arch bridge in Hunan Province.

Red star brigde of Yanglin county

The river passes under the Red star bridge

7、Third Station: Longzha Yao Nationality Township (“Hunan Daughter Country”)

Longzha Yao nationality township is the only minority nationality township under the jurisdiction of Yanling County, located in the southernmost tip of Yanling County, at the junction of Yanling County, Guidong County and Zixing City. Longfeng Village in Longzha Township is known as “Hunan Daughter’s Country” because it has more women and fewer men, beautiful and pure girls, good singing and dancing, and less contact with the outside world. The folkways here are simple, people are free from the world, and many ancient traditional customs have been preserved to this day.

Longzha yao nationality township

The wall-mounted highway Entrance of Yao Township Daughter National

The wall-mounted highway of Yao Township Daughter National

The wall-mounted highway of Yao Township Daughter National

The wall-mounted highway of Yao Township Daughter National

8、Half-way rest

Half-way rest

On the way to rest, They also remember to show the team flag-Wolf Riders Team

9、Fourth stop: Shennonggu Waterfall

Shennonggu National Forest Park is located in Shidu Town, northeastern Yanling County, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. It is 180 kilometers northwest from Zhuzhou City, 150 kilometers west from Hengyang City, the middle section of Luoxiao Mountain, Jinggang Mountain in the east, Bamian Mountain in the east of Guangxi in the South and Wugong Mountain in the north. Shennong Valley is the boundary and source of the two major river systems in Hunan and Jiangxi. Originally Taoyuandong National Forest Park, the park was renamed Shennonggu National Forest Park in 2005. It is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction.

Scenery of Shennong Valley in Spring and Autumn

Shennonggu Waterfall, Hunan Province

10、Fifth stop: Popoxian-Mother’s Taoist Temple of legendary emperor Shen Nong(Luo Binwang place of refuge)

The Popoxian Taoist Temple worshipped the mother of legendary emperor Shen Nong (legend has it that Emperor Shen Nong was born here) is a famous Taoist Temple in Yanling County and Jinggang Mountain. It is 1400 meters above sea level. the altitude of popoxian  is the same as the Huangyang boundary in Jinggang Mountain.During the plum rain season, you can often see the Seas of clouds, just like being in a fairyland, which is a good place for taoist priest to live in seclusion and practice.According to the records of lingxian County, during the reign of Wu Zetian in the Tang Dynasty, the famous poet Luo Binwang (the author of the poem- geese, geese and geese ) wrote an an official call to arms Against Wu Zetian for Xu Jingye, and then began to fight against Wu Zetian.After defeat, he lived in seclusion for a long time in the Popoxian taoist temple.

Wolf Riders Team at Popoxian Taoist temple

Popoxian Taoist temple in Clouds and Mists

Snow Scenery of Popoxian Taoist temple in 2019

Popoxain Taoist temple Way to View the Sea of Clouds

Popoxian Taoist Temple

11、Quality Video Appreciation

11、Motorcycle Riding kilometres of the team

Wolf Riders Team from Changsha basically come to Yanling or Jinggang Mountains several times a year, each time more than 800 kilometers, the total number of kilometers riding more than 10,000 kilometers, which is an important propaganda force of Yanling tourism, so that Yanling County, the “Ten Best Counties in China’s Rural Meiyi,” is more known to the world.

12、Xianxia Residence Becomes the Post Station of Shennong Valley Scenic Spot of Wolf Riders Team

Since its inception, Xianxia Residence has been rated as “clean and sanitary, enthusiastic service, delicious food and cool climate” by tourists. It is an excellent summer resort in Shennong Valley scenic area and attracts many tourists to come for summer tourism. At the same time, it was lucky to be selected as the post station of Shennong Valley Scenic Spot by Wolf Riders Team. Xianxia Residence Phase I can receive 22 tourists, including self-driving tours, cycling tours, summer tours, agricultural tours, pastoral life tours and other tourists with different preferences.

Front view of Xianxia Residence Phase I

A aero-plane view of Xianxia Residence Phase I

13、How to join Changsha-Zhuzhou-Tan Motorcycle Club-Wolf  Riders  Team?

If you want to join the “Changsha-Zhuzhou-Tan Motorcycle Club – Wolf Riders Team”, Please add the following Wechat, and note that “Motorcycle sport”.

Club-Wolf  Riders  Team13874909110
Xianxia Residence:18611280373